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smörgås[sandwich] unique position of being sandwiched between generations and balancing it all

A little about me and this:I truly don't enjoy holier than thou so I will not be preaching - Just sharing experiences sprinkled with behavior change and positive psychology tidbits.I named this 'Smorgas' which means sandwich in Swedish.I am wholeheartedly in the sandwich generation - experiencing the pull and tug of the generation before me and after me, all while trying to balance on this tightrope and have some glimpses of the good life.I invite you to take what resonates and leave what doesn't.My hope is that this will make you crack a smile and to take a beat for yourself.Now, let's turn up the symphony!


Amuse Bouche: Flavorful bite-sized tidbits

One day or day one. You decide.' Paulo Cuelho

I'll admit, I don't love super sugary inspirational quotes. I like this because it's straightforward and ultimately the choice is yours. I'm applying this quote to my 'Smorgas.' I could have waited for the first of the month or the end...but I decided this is my day one.


Armchair Travel: Transporting yourself without leaving the comfort of your own home

The scent of jasmine...

As I've been walking and running outdoors, I'm welcomed by the sweet smell of jasmine which almost immediately transports me to my childhood trips to India. It reminds me of the early mornings, sitting on my grandparents couch and watching the fruit and vegetable vendors coming through, the early hustle of the morning with an undercurrent of peace.

Jasmine's scent directly impacts a brain/central nervous system chemical known

as GABA, which results in calming nerves, soothing anxiety, and facilitating rest.


Intermezzo: Pause to rejuvenate the palate

Italian for “interval,” an intermezzo is an icy interlude, a small dish to be consumed between courses, rejuvenating the palate and prepping it for the rest of the meal.Let's take this sentiment and apply it to our daily life and the many transitions we go through each day.Before jumping into your next task, take a delicious, cool deep breath and with a fresh mindset approach our next adventure.


Neno of the Month: Word OR saying of the month

Neno is 'word' in Swahili. Why Swahili? Well, I chose to start learning Swahili to see if I can truly learn a new language. And while we are at it, let's learn some words/sayings from different languages.



[n]. sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees


Sans booze: Sunshine sober

This is a personal one.I've known but have just recently accepted that I may have been leaning on prosecco hard.It's bubbly, fun and it softens the edges [actual feelings] but when you find yourself thinking about when you can have a glass of bubbly throughout the day, it might not be so fun, in fact, it's pretty sobering.I'm taking a break from alcohol and in the last 17 days, I've noticed a difference..a good difference. Oh and don't worry, I'm still getting in my bubbly fun from sparkling water.


Siesta: Tips for restful zzz's

Sleep is just one of those things - it's important and has huge an impact on our wellbeing, energy, etc but we can also run on empty so it sometimes doesn't get prioritized.In addition to counting sheep, if that's something you do, how about having a little pre Z's snack?Chomp on a kiwi or two

-- Research has found that eating kiwi can improve sleep. In a study, peop

le who ate two kiwis one hour before bedtime found that they fell asleep faster, slept more, and had better sleep quality.


Nosh on this: One question to ponder

When was the last time you tried something new?

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