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smörgås[sandwich] unique position of being sandwiched between generations and balancing it all

Welcome to the second edition of 'Smorgas'!As a behavior change coach, I truly did believe that small steps is the efficient and effective way to make positive changes...for others.I finally put that wisdom to use for myself and it works...making it so the energy required to take action is so minimal that it's hard not to do it.This edition covers the fun stuff, solid advice from a soccer coach and small tidbits you can experiment with that takes less than 2 minutes.As always, take what resonates, leave what doesn't! Sláinte!


Amuse Bouche: Flavorful bite-sized tidbits

"Small sips, no belly aches." Coach Ivan

This is might seem...random and yes, it is.Here is a little context, Dylan and his soccer mates were at practice and their Coach called for a water break.All the kids were guzzling water and gatorade like they were on a keg stand.Coach Ivan stopped them and said....small sips, no belly aches - which is true physically but you can apply this to anything. Small, consistent steps and no aches - mentally, physically or emotionally.


Armchair Travel: Transporting yourself without leaving the comfort of your own home

It has taken me some time to get acclimated with Cape Cod but I can say that I love it there now. Maybe it's the miles of white-sand beaches with dunes and lush or the unique bike trails that can lead to the beach.It might be the taste and smell of sugared jelly donuts from Hole in One Donuts...whatever it may be, it's a place that tugs at your summertime heart strings and floods you with memorable moments and also with what can be.


Intermezzo: Pause to rejuvenate the palate

Exposing yourself to cold water is supposed to help in many ways and I'll let Wim Hoff, the iceman, handle that.All I know is, if you are needing a moment to get out of your head, go ahead and splash some cold water on your face or wash your hands with cold water - it will bring you to the now..mainly because you will be cold...I mean refreshed.


Neno of the Month: Word OR saying of the month

Still going strong with Swahili, I can say that because no one has heard me speak it...yet. Here is the word of the month coming in hot from Indonesia: Jayus

[n]. a joke told so poorly and unfunny you can't help but laugh

Lucky you, here is a jayus:

Where do bad rainbows go?

Prism. It's just a light sentence.


Sans booze: Sunshine sober

I'll admit it hasn't been sunshine and rainbows being sans booze.I'm one of those that doesn't have I'm really bad at it. So I just assumed that I would feel and look like a million bucks after day one, or day ten but not so much.Ah, but I had to coach myself and look at the small changes - a bit more energy than before, running faster [although a bebe learning to walk is probably faster than me], slightly more balanced, etc. I'm still looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but reminding myself and I'm slowly collecting small amounts of gold along the way.


Siesta: Tips for restful zzz's

Here's to a drink to that makes you go zzz...tart cherry juice!

The research shows that tart cherry juice increases sleep time and sleep efficiency for people with insomnia. This may be because tart cherry juice increases the bioavailability of tryptophan and increases your body's production of melatonin. And if you are going sans booze, you can make it your AF nightcap.


Nosh on this: One question to ponder

How can you clearly express your boundaries—to yourself and to those around you? How can you check in with your boundaries more frequently, and adjust them based on your needs? [yes, that was more than one question but all related]



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